At Easom Automation Systems we provide innovative, and cost-effective, Welding and Assembly Systems and work cells. We have experience with most of the thermal processes including but not limited to; GMAW (MIG), GTAW (TIG), SAW (Submerged-arc), plus Pneumatic and Servo Resistance (Spot welding).

Our Automated Welding Systems produce parts ranging from small automotive stamped assemblies to large fabrications and sub-assemblies for most industry segments such as Mining and Construction Equipment, Agriculture, Defense, Rail, and Transportation. Often we utilize Easom's own extensive line of standard automation equipment for integration with lean manufacturing principles applied.

With Easom's expert processing and engineering prowess we can help you to manufacture and/or assemble quality parts saving time and minimizing capital expenditures.

Compact weld cells can include:
  • Weld Processes
    • GMAW (MIG)
    • GTAW (TIG)
    • SAW (Submerged-arc)
    • Resistance/Spot Welding
  • Components from our full line of Multi-Axis Positioners
    • Fixed tables
    • Head/Tail stocks
    • Trunnions
    • Index table single/multiple station
    • Weld tooling
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Weld Cell Weld System Image
Weld Cell Weld System Layout