Floor mounted Headstock utilizing precision bearing, high quality alloy pinion and large tool mounting plates. Multiple payloads are accommodated quickly and precisely by means of adjustable Tailstock - mounted to servo driven rack and pinion slide. Slide is coordinated with robot by means of robot aux axis.

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Specifications below for unit shown in video
Part Dimensions Width 1397 mm (55 inches)
Height 1397 mm
(55 inches)
Weight 9072 kg (20000 lb)
Headstock Index Time 14.66 seconds
Headstock Index Distance 180 Degrees
Tailstock Index Time 12 seconds
Tailstock Index Distance 3500 mm (138 Inches)
Total Rotating Weight 11340 kg (25000 lb)
Specifications can be customized to fit your application
Sliding Tailstock Weld Positioner Dimensions
Sliding Tailstock Welding Positioner with Z-axis

Sliding Tailstock Welding Positioner with Z-Axis Positioning