Our Slat Conveyor is available built to the customer’s specifications. The number of pallets, pallet size, and indexing speed are variables that can be addressed.

The Slat conveyor is available with VFD, Servo, or mechanical indexing, with rugged welded frame construction.

  • Easily customized to fit your application
  • AP-135 parallel axis drive standard
  • Index drive stations from one to eight
  • 2 horsepower brake motor (available with programmable servo-drive if required)
  • Three proximity switches included
  • Oversized chain and sprockets
  • Built in accel/decel standard
  • Positive intermittent dwell standard
  • Number of pallets and pallet size based on customer requirements
  • Solid welded construction of conveyor base
  • Digi-Dog™ absolute encoder positioning available
  • 50 pound pallet capacity
  • Controls Solutions Available
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Slat Conveyor Unload End
Slat Conveyor