Autorotor index tables are precision index drives that are true right angle drives. Because of a special design of the cam followers plus the added advantage of being right angle drives, the Autorotor index tables, allow small units to have greater capacity with higher accuracy. Autorotor offers machines from under 5" in diameter to one meter diameter, with capabilities of up to 20 foot tooling plates and/or 20,000 pounds.

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Intermittent and Oscillator Drives

The Autorotor ITV Series High Speed Intermittent drive is a mechanical right angle drive machine. Mechanical cam and cam followers transform the input shafts constant speed to a predetermined intermittent output rotation.

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Parallel & Oscillating Drives

The INDEXING/OSCILLATING DRIVE series AP/OP is a mechanical parallel axis unit that transforms the continuous rotation of the input shaft into an intermittent rotation of the output shaft by means of two engaged cams with cam followers fixed to the indexing disc. The output shaft is hollow, so hoses, wires, etc., can pass through it, except for the Model AP/OP 40.

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Indexing Rings

Indexing rings provide the advantage of a large inside diameter that permits locating machinery in the center of the index drive. This saves floor space and ensures vibration free operation. Indexing rings are suitable for a wide range of applications, from robotic welding to printing glass.

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Autorotor Indexing Devices