Tool Flex Transporter

Our Tool Flex Transporter is utilized in flexible manufacturing, providing the customer with the ability to produce multiple models. The system incorporates a 7th Axis Robot Shuttle and (2) Low Profile Lifters for Tool Base interchangeability. With this flexibility, the customer can remove and store different Tool Bases for each model produced.

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Specifications for unit shown

Indexed Weight

kg (lb)

Index Distance

meters (ft)

Index Time
Robot Carriage 2500 (5500) 5.0 (16.4) 4.8 Seconds
Tool Transporter 1135 (2500) 4.6 (15) 3.2 Seconds
5.5 (18) 3.6 Seconds
10.1 (33) 5.0 Seconds
Lifters 800 (1750) 152 mm (6 inches) 1.0 Second

Accuracy and repeatability dependent on drive and motor package selection.
Specifications can be customized to fit your application.

Contact your Easom representative to discuss options.

Fast Pull Bar Transfer integrated with Open Center Lifters