Easom today is a combination of two businesses that both started in 1945. George Easom started a business named Easom Engineering Co. that provided engineering design and detailing services to tool builders in the greater Detroit area. Jack Haines Company also started in 1945 in garage shop providing detail-machining services to machine tool builders. Both start up companies serviced the large and small tool builders in Detroit´s machine automation market. Easom offered engineering services while Jack Haines Company machined small parts.

The two companies operated separately until 1983 when Easom Engineering began to contract Jack Haines Company to manufacture their patented indexing device call a Cymonic Drive. Jack Haines Company had developed a very special planetary transmission that the automobile manufactures used in their manufacturing / final assembly plants.

The companies remained independent until Jack Haines Company was purchased by the Besl family from ERG Industries in 2000. The Besl family had purchased Easom Engineering in 1996. Jack Haines Company was merged with Easom Engineering and Manufacturing Co. in 2001 and became Easom.

A close working relationship with a large machine tool builder, Snyder Corporation, presented Easom with an opportunity in the mid 1970´s that set a successful course that the company has followed since. Snyder had a need for a mechanical indexing device to compete with the F. J. Lamb Company. Easom designed a unique indexing drive package that used a combination of planetary gears and harmonic cranks to generate a variable output motion used to index parts quickly and accurately from work station to work station, the Cymonic Drive Unit.

Cymonic drive units were sold and manufactured for major system manufactures like Comau Pico, DCT, Key Welder, Kuka, Paslin, Valiant, and others during the 1990´s. Business philosophies of these tool builders began to change in the late 90´s. They downsized their engineering staffs and looked to smaller companies like Easom Engineering to provide more that just the index drive unit. They wanted to purchase more complete sub systems. This presented Easom an opportunity to expand their scope of supply.

During the late 1990´s Easom began developing Automation Systems that provided more than just the Cymonic indexing drive unit for the stamping and final assembly operations for Ford, Chrysler, and GM. Easom began offering to provide larger system components to the large OEM´s. These items included lift tables, weld tables, 4 post weld presses, open center station lifters, 7th axis robot slides, tooling trays, and complete lift and transfer units. Several of the devices were unique application solutions and patents were granted.

Today Easom works closely with the end users of their products to offer cost effective and reliable solutions for ever changing manufacturing process. Relationships with Ford Vehicle Operations, Daimler Chrysler Tech Center, and General Motors Tech Center provide opportunities to get an early look at new plant manufacturing processes, offer solutions, and have Easom products specified to Tier I tool builders. Easom is known for its robust / reliable products, engineering skills, and problem solving capabilities.