5 Axis Positioner

5 Axis Welding Positioner image

Our 5 Axis Positioner provides ergonomically friendly positioner height. This Positioner gives the flexibility to rotate your work, providing access to reach difficult areas.

  • High capacity dual positioners are rated at 750 Kg (1,650 lbs.) / maximum load offset of 90 mm (3.5 inches)
  • Turntable exchange axis vs. ferris wheel style exchange axis eliminates labor platforms, material platforms, and platform fencing
  • Suited to longer parts such as final exhaust assemblies
  • Tilting axis allows complex geometries to be welded in 1F position
  • Positioner base is angled to provide ergonomic load height
  • Heavy duty table support
  • Innovative center axis drive arrangement
  • Controls Solutions Available
Specifications - Solutions can be engineered to customer's requirements
Index ±180 degrees
Index Time 4.5 seconds
Max C.G. Offset 466 mm (18.35 inches)
Axis Control Servo Motor
Index at Main Exchange ±90 degrees in 2.0 seconds
Index at Tool Work Area ±180 degrees in 2.0 seconds
Max C.G. Offset 90 mm (3.5 inches)
Work Piece Diameter 1600 mm (63 inches)
Payload 750kg (1653.5 lb.)
Faceplate to
Faceplate Dimension
3200mm (125.98 inches)
Axis Control Servo Motor
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