Our 3-Axis Industrial Turntables provides ergonomically friendly positioner height.

Optional light tight exchanger module available for laser hardening. Our system provides greater flexibility in operator/robot welding applications.

  • Customizable to fit your application
  • Turntable exchange axis vs. Ferris wheel style exchange axis eliminates labor platforms, material platforms, and platform fencing
  • Integrates with any robot
  • (1) Main (Exchange) Axis (Servo)
  • (2) Auxiliary (Work piece rotary feed) axes (Servo)
  • Uses robot fed laser beam coordinated with work piece feed axis
  • Heavy duty table support
  • Innovative center axis drive arrangement
  • Controls Solutions Available
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Exchange Axis Satellite Axis


Swing Diameter

mm (inches)

Index Max Payload (each) kg (lb) Max CG Offset mm (inches)

Tool Envelope

mm (inches) 'E'

Tool Width(inches)
180 degrees in 5.00 seconds 2540 (100) 180 degrees in 3.00 seconds 226.8 (500) 101 (4) 1221 (48) 863 (34)
Specifications can be customized to fit your application.
Specifications Dependant on drive motor selected.
Contact Easom for detailed information regarding your application.
3-Axis Industrial Turntable Dimensions
3-Axis Industrial Turntable 3 Axis Industrial Turntable with Weld Enclosure Removed